UWM D2L Course Site Cleanup - Spring 2015

The D2L Course Cleanup is an ongoing University of Wisconsin (UWS) system-wide initiative. All UWM D2L course sites from semesters prior to Fall 2011 will be deleted this summer. There is no backup and no way to restore them.

Instructors who need to save information from the course sites scheduled for deletion are required to do so prior to June 16, 2015.

No action is necessary if an instructor does not need to download course materials or student records. The obsolete course sites will be removed on schedule.

Instructors with unusual circumstances must contact the UWM Learning Technology Center (LTC@uwm.edu) prior to June 16, 2015 so that appropriate action can be taken before the course sites are deleted.

University of Wisconsin System D2L Course Cleanup

Why is there a D2L Course Cleanup?

The D2L Course Cleanup is an ongoing University of Wisconsin (UWS) system-wide initiative.

D2L has been the learning management system for all campuses in the University of Wisconsin System (UWS) since 2003. Due to widespread adoption of D2L for online, blended, and web-enhanced courses, the UWS D2L servers now contain thousands of obsolete course sites and terabytes of redundant and outdated files.

This vast quantity of data has already impacted costs for storage, backups, upgrades, and support resources. Still, the amount of data in the learning management system -- and the costs associated with maintaining it -- continue to steadily increase.

In 2009, the University of Wisconsin System developed guidelines and implemented an ongoing "D2L Course Cleanup" plan, wherein obsolete course sites and data will be completely and permanently removed from the D2L servers each year. This regular D2L Course Cleanup is imperative to our continued smooth operation, both to contain costs and to maintain our current standard of system performance and user experience.

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) experienced its first annual D2L Course Cleanup in 2010. Other UWS campuses successfully accomplished their first Cleanup in 2009. Campuses reported positive responses from instructors, who were generally relieved to have their obsolete course sites finally removed from D2L.