UWM D2L Course Site Cleanup - Spring 2015

The D2L Course Cleanup is an ongoing University of Wisconsin (UWS) system-wide initiative. All UWM D2L course sites from semesters prior to Fall 2011 will be deleted this summer. There is no backup and no way to restore them.

Instructors who need to save information from the course sites scheduled for deletion are required to do so prior to June 16, 2015.

No action is necessary if an instructor does not need to download course materials or student records. The obsolete course sites will be removed on schedule.

Instructors with unusual circumstances must contact the UWM Learning Technology Center (LTC@uwm.edu) prior to June 16, 2015 so that appropriate action can be taken before the course sites are deleted.

What about Students?

What about Students?

Students have been notified of the Spring / Summer 2015 D2L Course Cleanup through the UWM D2L "My Home" page.

Students should always retain their own copy of all coursework submissions on their own computers, or in Pantherfile.

It has always been true, and will continue to be so, that the instructor who "owns" each D2L site m
ay choose at any time to make the D2L site "inactive," which would prevent student access. For this reason, and because students frequently compose their submissions outside of D2L (for instance, as a Word document or PowerPoint presentation), we believe students are less likely than instructors to think of D2L as a "storage space."

If a student still has access to a D2L course site, they are free to download and retain copies of any and all of their coursework and/or instructor feedback to a location where they will have long-term access: e.g., their own computer or their own portable hard drive.

Students who need assistance with downloading their course work from D2L should contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or via webform at GetTechHelp.uwm.edu/.

Note: In situations where the student no longer has access to the D2L course site, the student will need to contact the instructor or department to request assistance with obtaining copies of the coursework they submitted in D2L.

Important note: The UWM Records Officer, Brad Houston, states "Student work as described here is a public record under the UW-System general record schedule for academic records ACAD024, which gives a retention time of six months after the end of the semester (see: Student Records Reference Chart.pdf). ... Per the regulations set down by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students may access their own records [not just those in D2L], so long as they are retained by the university. Once the retention period has passed, the records may be destroyed and instructors/departments are under no obligation to produce them. However, if records are retained beyond the 6 month period, they may still be requested and should be produced."